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Jan 20, 2014
These are from spring- have had Bus out tracking a couple times more recently, but no video. Annie doesn't get to go when it's hot because she screeches when tied out or in the car with windows down, causing people to seek out the "dying animal" and bother us. Surface not so good in these, it was still chilly out... good grass is plentiful in summer, but there are always people walking around on it!

Bus tries to air scent when he thinks it's possible, had to stop putting "jackpots" at the end of his tracks because he would catch a whiff of it from a way back and try to just race along- sometimes if he catches the scent of another leg of the track he still tries to skip ahead, or sometimes he follows scent blown off the track if its breezy. Been dealing with it by just slowing him way down when he cheats, and that seems to straighten him out most times.

Not sure what happened toward the end of this one, we were in a park that was unoccupied at the times we went, but I suspect he picked up either another person or animal's trail. At least he redirects pretty easily

Annie is a billion years old and has a chronically clogged sniffer- so slow and steady is her game these days

Bus learned down while playing ball- still not 100% when not playing ball, but he's starting to realize that it has applications other than arresting his obnoxious behavior during play (if only I could get him to stop creeping backwards when he's excited)

Bus using springpole- this keeps him from feasting on goose poop while I do stuff in the yard, and from bothering me with his toys. He really would prefer not to interact with the stuffie at all, I put it for him to grab since it's hard to grip the tennis ball and I don't really want him biting the rope, but he still tries to aim for the ball as much as possible.

Trying to clean up the water- he'll fish out anything that's floating, and some things that aren't! The water is always murky, so he mostly feels the bottom with his feet, though he tries to look for stuff too. Mostly rocks are fished out, sometimes other items. I had to keep calling him off the minnow trap after we put it overboard before fishing the other week, and while getting the boat ready, I heard metal scraping rocks from his direction. Turned around and he had jumped in, dragged the trap up into the boat ramp, and was trying to dig the poor minnows out of it (probably thought it was an advanced work-to-eat toy!). That piece of hose is his go to when he can't find anything else to "save"- he's been working at it for years- his teeth are so worn they don't even make a dent in it. His other favorite water activity is digging, he's renovated the boat ramp a few times, and made a nice hole in the yard beside it. He also grabs mouthfuls of the loose dirt from his holes and flings it aside, which recently resulted in him actually choking on a clod of dirt :shock: He can get pretty crazy, and his barking drives me nuts, but the entertainment value is so great that it's worth the headache.

We used to have one of the plastic boomer balls, but he was fixated on the little red plug in it and made himself bleed, so now I just buy the cheap rubber balls, he eventually corners them and pops them, but they're too big for him to get his mouth around and his canines are all worn flat, so not much puncture ability there. It took him a long time to get enough control of it to bring it back, and I'll admit, I sort of miss the days when he would just chase the ball aimlessly for 20 mins while I watched from afar. Now he chases it, wrestles it for a few, then is back in my face barking and flinging spit. Yuck.

He does get in the kiddie pool, but he'd already been in earlier that day, so he knew it was super cold. In fact, that deflated beach ball was his handiwork as well. When he first learned to walk on the edge, he was basically scooting along it on his belly with his legs on either side, unfortunately I didn't catch that.

He can knock open the screen door at my parents' house pretty reliably, but usually only lets himself out when invited :lol:

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