Barn Hunt Practice


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Sep 27, 2007
I wish I still had rats so I could practice this at home in the yard...

Anyways, we went to our first barn hunt practice today. I only brought Cricket since I entered her in the trial next weekend for the heck of it. At first they introduced her to a rat in a cage which she went nuts over. Then they introduced her to the three tubes to see if she would indicate the correct one. She sniffed and pawed at one and it was correct. Afterwards I had to walk her away a bit because she was so focused on the rat that anytime they pulled out the caged one to let other dogs see it she would focus long and hard in that direction and I didn't want her to start creating a big fuss.

Next we practiced the instinct test for RATI. When it clicked to her that she was offleash she decided to have a case of the zoomies. She did do a climb and she did eventually do a tunnel. When we got up to the tubes she did go to the correct one first, but I missed any real indication since all she did was sniff instead of paw at it like she did earlier. Here's a video Jacksonsmom took.

After Instinct practice we decided to sign up for the novice practice. Reason being is that we are hoping to do novice at the trial as well. She still had some zoomie moments and she did a TON of bouncing off of bales having a blast. I think once she starts to figure out the game more she will do better. She did find the rat which was on the other side of the bale that is all the way to the right. You will see in the video that she starts to sniff over there a bit more. I called it, but I don't think the lady heard me that well because she makes a comment about calling it clearly. After that she still had to do her tunnel which took a little coaxing because all she wanted to do was run around and fly off the bales lol. She did finally do it and it was still under 2 minutes. Since it was practice I should have probably encouraged and praised her more when she found the rat. Here's that video.

It will be interesting to see how this trial goes. I had hoped to enter both Saturday and Sunday, but when I tried to enter Saturday was full up so we are only entered for Sunday. Crossing my fingers we do well. I'm going to see if I can borrow the agility tunnel at work and work on her with the tunnel for a bit this week.


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Aug 28, 2013
Northern VA
haha Cricket is awesome. I think I'm going to have fun meeting her on Sunday.

Jubel hasn't spazzed out in the ring like that but he did bust out of the ring at our fun test back in Feb. The only dog to do so that day, he was much more interested in the snacks some of the volunteers where eating than finding the rat again.

I'll be headed up to PA for another barn hunt in June myself with the same group I did my first barn hunt with back in December. On the barn hunt yahoo group there is talk of a new group setting up a fun test in May and their first real trial in August near BWI. I will be nice to have something closer instead of possibly heading back up to PA in August.

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