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Mar 7, 2014
My friend thought that we would create this thread where people could discuss about computers and about using them etc. So, she thought that whoever could discuss here about computers and ask for advice. So, she thought that this thread wouldn't be only for her.

So, my friend thought that she would start by asking for advice on this: She just bought a tablet (Acer Aspire Switch 10) that has Windows 8 in it. She would like to know, if someone knew how to remove your password so that when you log in, your computer wouldn't ask for it. I thought one could do it in control panel, but it wasn't so easy as I thought (Neither of us haven't used windows 8 by ourselves) :D So, does anyone know if it's possible to remove that password? :confused: My friend has also this question: Since it's a tablet and she thought that she would carry it with her, should she still use a password?

So, my friend would like to have advice on this but she thought that also others could discuss here about computers.

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