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Nov 28, 2007

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Due to no fault of their own, Bernie and Mac have been returned by their adopter who is moving, to the Humane Society of Richland County and need rehomed ASAP!! Their euth date is July 22, 2013.

Bernie and Mac came to us on March 11, 2011 when they were seized along with 50 other dogs and 30+ cats from a known animal hoarder in Mansfield, Ohio. These guys have been in 'limbo' for the past couple years because their 'owner' has done appeal after appeal trying to re-gain custody of them. Thankfully, she did not succeed. However, since our shelter didn't have ownership of the animals seized in this raid, we were unable to place the majority of these animals into forever homes or rescues. Bernie and Mac are currently being housed in foster care until better placement into a rescue, or their euthanasia date has come. Bernie is approx 6-7 years old, and Mac is approx 8-9 years old. These two handsome guys have come to depend on each other. They have been through training for basic obedience and have come a long way since we first seized them two years ago. They are housebroken, HW tested (negative) UTD on routine vaccinations. They are still very timid of people, and still learning how to 'just be a dog'. Bernie and Mac do not know what it means to trust humans completely yet, but they are learning well! When we first got these guys we couldn't touch them too much without setting them off into a tremble because they were so terrified of us, neither of them knew what a collar was, or a leash, clean fresh water, or healthy food on a daily basis. Now, they will let you scratch them, pet them, bathe them, walk them, brush them, take treats from your hands. Now they know what true love is, and are even learning how to give some of that love back to us. It breaks our hearts to have to put a date on these guys but we have to look at their quality of life. These boys need someone who can continue to work with ...

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