1. Sonatica

    Trick Training / Marker or Clicker Training, would like some advice :)

    Hey guys! Ever since I got my dog I've been learning tricks with him, it's great fun for both of us and I can see the joy in his eyes when he finally grasps the concept of the trick he's learning, it's wonderful! I use the clicker/marker training method, lately we've been practicing more...
  2. E

    How to get dog to respond to vocal cues

    Hi! I have a belgian malinois, she is very smart (no surprise) and picks things up super fast. She has a very busy and distractible mind, so I am working on teaching her tricks to help keep her attention when she she is losing focus between sessions at agility, fly ball, rally, etc. Plus tricks...
  3. jfn

    Teaching dog to beg

    Hi everyone! Teaching Nina to beg. What do you think?
  4. D

    Dog Tricks by Dakota the Vizsla!

    I have just recently posted my first video of my vizsla's dog tricks. I would love for some constructive feedback, tips and suggestions! My Youtube Channel is under Dakotakins12 but you can just search Dakota the Vizsla and my video will be on my channel :) Please watch it! I want to get my...
  5. P

    What tricks can your dog do??

    Here's a thread for people to show off what they have taught their dogs! What tricks/commands does your dog know and what are you in the process of teaching? Either list them or post a video of them! Boast about how smart your dog is! I'll go first. Fidget's Tricks/Commands: Sit...
  6. SharkBait

    Teaching 'Spin'

    Anyone had any luck with that? :confused: I've been trying to teach 10 month old Matisse 'spin', but it's rather useless. I use a clicker, and a piece of food to lure him around in a circle, then click when goes all the way round and give him the piece of food. However, he won't do without...