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    10% OFF with code

    Hey Everyone Wanted to introduce our brand new can read about it on squidoo too at - Pet Products & Supplies or check out the blog at PETacular Boutique...Pet Supplies & Pet Products Also, if you sign up and do some shopping we will give you 10% off...
  2. 1

    Dog Ice-Cream

    Hey dog lovers out there, I am starting a dog ice-cream business that uses soymilk and lactose free milk made especially for dogs. The ice-cream will also have vitamin and mineral supplements to help dogs grow strong. The main flavors to start will be chocolate (its actually 100% safe carob...
  3. S

    Yummy Dog Treats

    Hello everyone i just wanted to let everyone know about this website its has really good dog treats. Just stop in and take a look cause you will want some for your self lol For the best all natural dog treats you can buy for your dog - visit Spotted Domino's Dog Bakery online at...
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    Dog Food Coupons

    I've found this site to be pretty cheap for buying dog food and treats. I purchase Taste of the Wild, and it's about $4 cheaper on this site than in the stores I've seen them in.
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    Handmade Dog Treats

    Handmade dog treats at** Our products are made in small batches and approved by Casey “The Yellow Lab†Jones, our own quality control enforcement agent. If Casey doesn’t like it then we don’t sell it. Our Dog Treats are made with wholesome ingredients; no...
  6. woofers

    Flavors for treats please.....

    I make home made dog treats and currently have 4 flavors that really seem to be a hit: bacon, carrot,pumpkin & original rolled oats but what other flavors would dog owners like to see that they have not yet??? all responses are appreciated!! Thank you!! Danielle
  7. woofers

    "wOOfers" Home Made Dog Treats Story

    This is where it all began for me and my two dogs: I got so tired of going to the store and trying to find dog treats for my little terriers that number one, did not cost an arm and a leg, number two weren’t exported from china or brazil. I was also tired of seeing my cairn terrier get sick...