training a dog

  1. T

    I'm a 20 year old male who is trying to train and bond with a dog scared of men. How do I do this?

    Hi, First a little background: —Occupants of the house: Myself (20 years old), my father, Abbey (younger sister, 18 years old) and JJ, our cat. —Onyx and Abbey From the start, we wanted to adopt a dog for Abbey, as she always wanted one and was also slightly depressed so we figured that...
  2. jfn

    Teaching dog to lie down

    Hi everyone! I'm starting to teach my dog to lie down. Who would like to join by training your dog too?!
  3. D

    Hi Everyone! New Dog Lover Here! :)

    Hi Everybody, I just joined this dog forum and I'm hoping to make some new buddies and have fun talking dogs. :) My name is D.J. I live in Idaho, and due to some unfortunate circumstances, I'm currently dogless. I'm hoping to get a new puppy soon. I love training and run my own dog...
  4. K

    I need help for my dog

    :confused:I have 4 months old male yorkie, but we try to training him without results, he has his pad in his area, but he never use the pad if he is free around the house, we went outside 3 times a day but he never do anything outside, he pee whenever he like. At night he sleep in a closed area...
  5. T

    Basic Dog Training Commands

    Successfully house training puppies is always a task that requires a lot of patience and understanding, but the rewards are many, and your pup will surely appreciate your efforts. Dogs are highly attuned to their owner's feelings, facial expressions, gestures, and tone of voice. For this reason...