Support Harnesses for Senior or Disabled Dogs

    If you have or know a dog that needs help getting around due to old age, weakness, arthritis, injury, surgery, or amputation, check out and have a look at the Get-a-Grip Harness and custom Pet Support Suit. Originally designed for a dog that can't stand on his own, both Grips...
  2. SpikedMarkus

    Periodontal Disease

    My granda passed away 3 weeks ago and as Bertie's new official owner the first thing I did (last week) was take him to the vet for a general checkup. My granda loved dogs but was always wary of taking them to the vet (due to VERY bad experiences with our previous pets) and therefore Bertie had...
  3. T

    Please help, donate

    My four year old Jack Russell Terrier, Tucker, unfortunately has cataracts. As many of you may know, the breed is well known for their tremendous amount of energy. My Tucker, like many Terriers, loves to play fetch especially with tennis balls. But his worsening eyes are preventing him from his...