Support Harnesses for Senior or Disabled Dogs

    If you have or know a dog that needs help getting around due to old age, weakness, arthritis, injury, surgery, or amputation, check out and have a look at the Get-a-Grip Harness and custom Pet Support Suit. Originally designed for a dog that can't stand on his own, both Grips...
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    Tall Tails - Mobile Gaming + Dog Rescue

    Hey Everyone! We here at ZUUL Labs has been working really hard for the past few months on a new mobile game, Tall Tails! It's a puppy-themed adventure puzzle, and if successful, it will work to give a percentage of its profits from in-app purchases to dog rescue charities, as well as...
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    please help me help a fellow animal rescuer

    Before you read this story please keep in mind that this is the guy that actually takes in the death row dogs that are cross posted all over the U.S. Helping him wont cost a dime just a few moments of your time.. PLEASE PLEASE HELP HIM WIN!! Help support a deserving animal rescuer with a...
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    Animal Suspension Technology Website

    Animal Suspension Technology manufactures Get-a-Grip Harnesses and custom Pet Support Suits. All AST products are Made in the USA. AST: Because your dog is like no other. AST Support Suit Dog Harness Homepage