1. SharkBait

    Cue the *awww* ..lot's of puppies!

    Hey guys, It's been forever since I've last posted here, but I've been looking through the picture threads recently & loving the new members' dogs! Anyways, I met 7 little Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppies tonight and I just had to share these pictures with you! They're only 5 weeks old...
  2. SharkBait

    There's Matisse, Poppy, Mya, Harvey, Ozzy...A LOT ot cuties!

    Yup, a whole lotta doggy goodness! I've been bringing my camera with me everywhere, so when i meet some pups i can capture them! Also i know i've went overboard with the processing.. but bear with me...! I'll start with Matisse, some wee randoms just. Elloes!! forest dweller...
  3. SharkBait

    Matisse & His Crew... A whole mix of canine goodness!

    A couple different sets here... First the crappy snapshots i took on Saturday when i drove (i passed my driving test last week, woo!) Matisse up to his cousins’ house- Harvey & Molly. Their owner (my aunt) was also minding 2 other dogs. The crew. Matisse offcourse...
  4. SharkBait

    A Muppet, A Staff & A Mystery

    So, Matisse, Molly & Harvey all decided to romp through the dirty fields today… With us offcourse. Harvey is Matisse’s ‘cousin’ & BFF for those who do not know, and all they do is wrestle… very roughly… infact it’s a wee bit nerve wracking whenever all you hear is bodies bashing...