shih tzu

  1. jfn

    Nina and the Santa Claus toy!

    Hi everyone! Watch this. To get you warmed up for Christmas! Nina went crazy with the Santa Claus toy :lol-sign: hugs
  2. V

    Hello There!

    New to Chazhound, after coming across a recommendation of sorts on a blog I read, "save the pit bull, save the world". I have two dogs that pretty much rule my world, and a third, temp-a-puppy that I'm puppy raising for a friend. There's not much to say about me that's interesting, but my...
  3. A

    Hello! Looking forward to participating in the discussions here!

    Hi Everyone, I am a researcher studying animal behavior for the last twenty years - so I have a natural interest in animals in general. But I have also owned dogs for the last 30 years, with breeds ranging from Shih-tzus (at present two of them), Jack Russell Terrier, West Highland White...