1. stellasmama

    Stella had a Great Thanksgiving!!!!!!

    Happy Belated Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!! Stella had a Great Thanksgiving!!!!!!!! Stella!!!
  2. stellasmama

    I gave Stella a Haircut today!

    I was very nervous!!!!!!! Put some photos on her blog Another First for Stella the Schnoodle!!!!! Stella!!! I need to do a little trim work tomorrow....I was too scared to use clippers near her eyes...... she was such a good girl!!!!!!!!
  3. stellasmama

    Stella Loves to Run!!!!!!

    Our little Stella loves to run....and she's super fast! I finally got a couple of videos of her at the dog park.... Run Stella! Run!!!!!! Stella!!!
  4. stellasmama

    Stella's first Ice Cream!

    I made some homemade doggie "ice cream" for Stella...or "Frosty Crack" as we call it in our house.... She LOVED it!!!!! “Will Work for Frosty Crack” Stella!!!
  5. stellasmama

    How many of you groom your own dogs?

    We have a little Schnoodle pup, Stella, that we adopted back in June. We've taken her to be groomed twice. She's got long wavy hair that we have trimmed up, but we still keep her a little shaggy. I bathe her, but have never "groomed" a dog. Besides buying clippers...where to you even start...
  6. stellasmama

    Love my Stella!!!!!

    I just love our little Stella!!!!!! This is one of my favorite photos of her....
  7. stellasmama

    Stella the Schnoodle has a blog!!!

    Our little Schnoodle, Stella has a blog!!!! Stella!!! Although the stories are about's not written by her.....she's only 11 months old and her keyboard skills are something she is working on....along with learning to come, sit and not pee in the house!