1. S

    Let Othello Be the Main Character in Your Life

    Othello is half Pit Bull, one-quarter Rottweiler and one-quarter Labrador – which makes him a very loving, smart and loyal dog. He’s still pretty young. His foster mom estimates him to be between 1-2 years old. Othello is a quick learner and has turned into a very obedient dog. His...
  2. L

    Poor Chi-Chi!!!

    My mother in-law had to put there 8 year old rottweiler down this morning, her name was chi chi. well, she developed cataracts in both eyes at a very young age, and hip problems where she walked funny, her eyes where so bad she had to learn to walk without seeing. they couldnt move the furniture...
  3. F

    my rott/shep mix back legs going out

    i have a rott/shepherd mix who is approaching 11 years old. his rear end is quickly declining. the vet says it's some combination of arthritis, hip dysplasia, and degenerative mylopathy (a shepherd thing?). he can still get up on his own when he really wants (esp if food is involved) and is...
  4. ChRotties

    Video: Lynyrd Herding Sheep

    For those that didn't know, or have never seen a Rottweiler herd before, here is a video of Lynyrd taken in April during a training session on sheep. YouTube - CH Bernkastel's CallMe Th' Breeze PT RN herding sheep He currently has one leg on AKC started-A course sheep and one leg on...
  5. Marley the rottweiler

    Marley the rottweiler

    Rottweiler puppy marley
  6. Bettis


    This is my puppy, Bettis. We just got him a week ago. He is almost 5 months old, and he's a Rottweiler. He is the sweetest little dog and we love him to death. He is so photogenic. Isnt this the cutest picture ever!?!