1. C

    New rescue looking for advice

    Hi I have had a virtual rescue for quite some time and based on feedback from my community am going to expand to a foster based rescue. I would like to know if anyone has reccomendations on how to find dogs for my rescue. Is there a forum I should post on or should I be looking in specific...
  2. C

    What kind of mix is my rescue pup?!

    Hello- I adopted Toby from a rescue as a puppy in January 2016- he was about 18 pounds when I got him and around 3 months old. All they knew was he was some type of hound mix (I saw his mom-i'll post a pic of her as well, she's the one in the pictures with a lot of white fur ) and he would be...
  3. PennyD

    Las Vegas Shelters

    Hello everyone, Does anyone have a favorite shelter in the Las Vegas area? I am currently trying to decide if I should adopt. Please let me know your thoughts! Thanks.
  4. Z

    Tall Tails - Mobile Gaming + Dog Rescue

    Hey Everyone! We here at ZUUL Labs has been working really hard for the past few months on a new mobile game, Tall Tails! It's a puppy-themed adventure puzzle, and if successful, it will work to give a percentage of its profits from in-app purchases to dog rescue charities, as well as...
  5. D

    Happiness is a warm puppy

    Hello everyone, my name is Mark and I am here to share my experiences and knowledge about how wonderful dogs are in our lives. I am also actively reaching out to any rescues, shelters or people interested in adopting dogs. I run an online website designed to help every dog find their Forever...
  6. corgi_love

    Senior GSD in Southern California - Help, please!!

    Hello, I used to be a semi-frequent poster here a few years ago. My boyfriend's (families) dog, Missy, is in need of rehoming- urgently. She has a bad home situation and everyone's hands are tied. My boyfriend's father says she needs to be out otherwise he is going to drop her off somewhere(??)...
  7. K

    Two sweet pittie puppies now living their lives on chains...PLEASE HELP ME!

    (Please read to the end..sorry for the length of it!) Hi there everyone. I'm brand new to this forum. In desperate need of somehow getting connected with rescue people within my area that can in someway help. I'm a college student who works part time in retail and lives with my parents and have...
  8. ~WelshStump~

    Oh please can I have this dog?! I can't, really, I don't even know where he's located now because several of these dogs taken from Ohio, were railroaded to the mid west and west coast. Oh, but how can you not love that face! So, much, want. (It says he is good with other dogs, doesn't mean...
  9. Hannahbeth

    Help With Crate Training a Rescue Dog

    Hey guys! I've only posted on here a couple times -- but I'm in a bit of a predicament, and I need some advice. Here are the details: my mom's workplace is on an extremely busy highway, and last Monday a dog managed to make her way across the highway -- almost getting hit several times. My mom...
  10. Emily

    Malinois foster - can you guys help?

    Hey guys... so, you all know Aleron's rescue Mal Roust? He was from a litter of 8, and one of his sisters recently ended up in the county pound. :( Luckily Aleron spotted her, and after much shuffling and pulling a few strings, managed to get her pulled from the pound today! Hooray! And... I'm...
  11. YodelDogs

    What would you do?

    I found a puppy 2 1/2 weeks ago. I filled out a found dog form at the animal shelter, put us found dog signs, and placed an ad on Craigslist. No one ever came forward to claim her. I am not surprised as she had health issues when I found her and now I am convinced she was dumped. I believe...
  12. P

    calling all breed detectives: help us identify our pup's mix??

    hiya forum folks, our family is adopting a sweet dog from a very cool rescue organization in the near future. before she joins us, we're trying to get a sense of our new dog's likely breed mix, so we'll have a better idea of what her exercise needs are likely to be, good ways to work with...
  13. P

    Cutest Pet Contest, winner gets 1,000 credits + $1,000 donated to animal rescue. Cutest Pet Contest! Prize Details Upload a photo of your pet for a chance to win cutest pet, then get your friends and relatives to vote for your pet! You can do this! The winner gets 1000 credits for shopping on Credits can be used on items like...
  14. HoundMusic

    Rescue/foster homes needed in ny

    I must be out of my mind for doing this, but a few weeks ago, I took in two male Beagles from a hunter who was cutting back on his hounds in not so nice a way :mad: They are both young dogs, 4yo, not too active, but one dog seems to have separation anxiety. Both under-socialized, but seemingly...
  15. C

    Food is not a reward

    I need some tips for training a one-year-old rescued foster dog who seems not to respond to food. He is very attention-deficit and easily distracted. We are trying to work on heeling and other basic obedience, but food is not an incentive for this dog. We've tried a variety of dog treats...
  16. R

    About RSDR (Rudozem Street Dog Rescue)

    Hi everyone :D, I would just like to introduce myself and hope that I can participate well on these forums My name is Anita and I help out the Rowles family with the RSDR Rudozem Street Dog Rescue - Home Rudozem Street Dog Rescue - Home Just a little bit about the RSDR for people...
  17. eddieq

    Rescue needed in East Texas (Longview area)

    The daughter of one of the guys from my softball board found an abandoned boxer mix in Longview and it needs a good home. See his post linked here: Dog rescue needed in East Texas - Email contact info is in the post. PM me if you have trouble seeing it.
  18. J

    I did a single rescue myself, 3 states away....

    Hi all. I haven't been to this forum in a very, very long time. My old computor died, and I lost all my bookmarks. Anyway, I would love to tell you this story, and also set forth a challenge. There is a pet forum that was designed to tell stories, boast and brag about your pets, etc...
  19. A

    Around the world and back again with a new friend!

    I found the sweetest story about someone who adopted a dog from halfway around the world! It's really inspiring that it made such a huge difference in the lives of the owner and dogs! Check it out here: Tintin and Vera
  20. lakotasong

    Michigan Sled Dogs In Need!

    Six rescued sled dogs who are heartworm positive are just beginning treatment in a Michigan humane society - these dogs need a lot of help financially and emotionally... Please visit Michigan Dogs Sled Dogs In Need blog post to learn more.