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  1. Soundasahound

    Fox x Coonhound rescue pup w/ separation anxiety

    Long post, so please bear with me... My 10 month old baby Stella, a 50/50 fox/coon & walker coonhound rescue, has some separation anxiety issues I'm looking for advice with. Stella's story before us is a sad one... Mama dog (a purebred foxhound according to DNA) birthed her litter in a field...
  2. S

    Let Othello Be the Main Character in Your Life

    Othello is half Pit Bull, one-quarter Rottweiler and one-quarter Labrador – which makes him a very loving, smart and loyal dog. He’s still pretty young. His foster mom estimates him to be between 1-2 years old. Othello is a quick learner and has turned into a very obedient dog. His...