puppy training

  1. vmills

    Before you train your puppy, read this article

    I posted an introduction to puppy training on this blog: Designer Puppys Enjoy! valmillsy
  2. vmills

    Beyond Basic Training

    I've got a 5-month old puppy who knows the basic commands (Sit, Down, Stay, and Come) via hand signals and verbally, but follows them inconsistently. In other words, if he believes there is no treat forthcoming (his nose knows), then he's not about to follow any kind of command. I'm wondering...
  3. woofers

    Flavors for treats please.....

    I make home made dog treats and currently have 4 flavors that really seem to be a hit: bacon, carrot,pumpkin & original rolled oats but what other flavors would dog owners like to see that they have not yet??? all responses are appreciated!! Thank you!! Danielle www.woofersdogtreats.com
  4. RosanaHart

    Training-Dogs.com: All Positive Training Methods

    Training-dogs.com covers dog training from the point of view of the ever more popular positive dog training methods, which use pain-free methods. The puppies and dogs work more willingly for positive rewards, and don't have to suffer the fear that comes from training with the older methods...