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    Bunk makes a friend (pics!)

    Great news! A friend of our let us take care of her dog for a couple of days and Bunk didn't completely freak out! Haha :P While Bunk wasn't an angel he did behave himself much better than he normally does :mrgreen: Check out some of the pics here as well as some good laughs. Lady and Bunk
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    Picking up Poop

    Who here has either forgotten to pick up their dog's poop or purposely didn't pick it up. This is a big issue in my apartment complex and I'm just curious to hear what people say. While I can't recall any time when I didn't pick up after Bunk, I do occasionally toss his poop back towards the...
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    Pug blog (going too far?)

    As a lot of people on this forum know, I write a blog about my pug, Bunk, and enjoy sharing his stories with my friends, family member, and dog lovers around the internet. My favorite posts to write are the misadventures of Bunk, written entirely from his perspective. However, my girlfriend and...
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    Poor little puppy (new pics)

    Another tough week for Bunk. First he gets neutered, then he's not allowed to do anything fun because of the surgery, then he has explosive diarrhea, then he catches a cold. Worst part is that he is now teething so I'm getting attacked by his mouth every five seconds :yikes: Oh well, at...
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    Puppy officially knows when he is being bad

    My puppy, Bunk, officially knows when he is being bad. As a general rule, we do not let Bunk into our room unless he is in his crate or we have him on our bed. Early today Bunk ran into the room after I left the door open and went right after my girlfriend's stuffed animals. The minute I walked...
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    Favorite Chew Toy

    What is your dog's favorite chew-toy? Other than my fingers, I realized today that Bunk's favorite chew-toy is his bed. In no particular order: 1. Fingers 2. Bed 3. Kong 4. Gross stuffed bear 5. Shoes 6. Bags and purses 7. Socks :lol-sign::lol-sign::lol-sign:
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    Bunk the Pug Pics

    Here's a pic of my pug Bunk. He is definitely one of the cutest pugs on the planet :) Below is one of my favorite pics of him, and if you want to see more have a whole bunch on his blog: Bunk's Puppy Pictures