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    I'm a 20 year old male who is trying to train and bond with a dog scared of men. How do I do this?

    Hi, First a little background: —Occupants of the house: Myself (20 years old), my father, Abbey (younger sister, 18 years old) and JJ, our cat. —Onyx and Abbey From the start, we wanted to adopt a dog for Abbey, as she always wanted one and was also slightly depressed so we figured that...
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    Training Coon Hound to Invisible Fence

    I really need some help and quick, I could use all advice given. My family has a Walker Treeing Coon Hound. Now there has been a lot of controversy in this house over the dog, which is my fault, I just had to have a dog and I finally convinced my mom to get me one. It's hard to explain...
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    Strange Breathing

    My dog Mono has been having breathing problems lately. Kind of as if he has asthma or something. It's like a wheezing but after a bit he's fine. Sometimes he does this before throwing up but he hasn't thrown up in about a year. Would anyone have an idea on what my dog might have? He's a french...