1. Gwen22

    Little Pit with strange poop

    Hey guys, I have several pit bulls. The one I'm concerned about is my room mates, she has claimed me as her own, but she recently got over parvo but her poop is still strange. The best way to describe it is pudding but that's not quite right. See the poop itself goes from solid to pudding a...
  2. M

    Picking up Poop

    Who here has either forgotten to pick up their dog's poop or purposely didn't pick it up. This is a big issue in my apartment complex and I'm just curious to hear what people say. While I can't recall any time when I didn't pick up after Bunk, I do occasionally toss his poop back towards the...
  3. M

    Why does poop smell?

    I know this probably sounds like a stupid question, but can someone tell me why dog poop smells? I know all poop smells (including human's), but I've noticed that the intensity of my pug's poop varies greatly from day to day,and even poop to poop. I get the feeling that certain treats...