1. S

    What kind of doggy playmate is best for my dog?

    I have a scottiepoo. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a Scottish terrier/poodle mix. He is absolutely a huge furry ball of hyper ness and very playful. His name is Gunner and he weighs about 35/40 pounds and is a little over a year old. He is an outside dog and currently is in...
  2. M

    O hi thar!

    Hello! My name is Meg. I have a year and month old dog named Uban. She's a Poodle-terrier mix, though she exhibits more of Poodle characteristics than her other half mix. Originally, I'm a cat person. But when Uban suddenly dropped into my life (and on my lap), let's just say I have a...
  3. A

    Why would a breeder sell a parti colored poodle for more?

    I thought parti colored (that is, a poodle with a coat of two or more colors) was a disqualification in the ring? But there's a breeder of standard poodles up here in NH who sells non-show solids for under $800, and yet sells partis from $1000 to $2000. Is it a demand thing? Do some people...
  4. R

    Any Tips for a First Time Grooming Competitor??

    So, this November I will be competing in my first grooming competition at the NEPGP conference! I'll be taking a customer of mine's Standard Poodle and competing in the entry level poodle class. I've never done this before so I was just hoping to get some tips or advice on what to expect once...
  5. D'tailsDogGrooming

    One Freshly Groomed Zeke

    Another thread about freshly groomed pets made me want to post this. Here's Zeke after his haircut this evening, completely hand scissored. I'm trying to grow him out for some really fun trims. <table style="width:auto;"><tr><td><a...
  6. lakotasong

    Help These Poor Old Poodles!

    Photos Courtesy Ruff Rescue and Rehab, Inc. Two poodles were recently abandoned in a house and left to stave to death by their owners in South Carolina. A good samaritan brought their suffering to the attention of rescue and animal control after two weeks. Diamond in the Ruff Rescue and...