1. T

    My dog doesnt have papers, can i register him? Please Help!

    My dog is in the Philippines, i want to bring him to UAE, but my dog don't have papers and not register but its parent are pure breed Pomeranian. The parents don't have papers also, i really want to bring my dog to UAE. My Questions: 1.Is it possible to register and get my dog microchip...
  2. L

    Hi from Cassie and Dublin's grandmomma

    ...just introducing myself.... we currently have two puppies who live at our house, Cassie is a pomeranian and she is actually our daughter's little angel. She is a beautiful wolf sable pom who has lived at our house along with our daughter since she was a little tiny furball. Our daughter...
  3. Happy-Go-Lucky


    Who can resist that winning smile?
  4. 9 Week Old Tobi

    9 Week Old Tobi

    Tobias on the day we got him. A very quiet puppy at that time...Man has he changed! And he inherited the "Shiba Scream"! o_o Not fun, hehe.
  5. Zhucca

    Which one?

    Well.. people who frequent chat may know that I've been looking at a pomeranian. This lady is rehoming her dogs, and I was going to look at a 2yr old male pomeranian. She has other dogs as well, and I went to meet the little dude and everyone else last night. Pomeranians are basically the only...