pit bull

  1. Gwen22

    Little Pit with strange poop

    Hey guys, I have several pit bulls. The one I'm concerned about is my room mates, she has claimed me as her own, but she recently got over parvo but her poop is still strange. The best way to describe it is pudding but that's not quite right. See the poop itself goes from solid to pudding a...
  2. j0equ1nn

    Bring a pit bull from New York to Mexico?

    I have a 5 year old red nosed pit bull named Sam. I took him in about 3 years ago as a rescue. I currently live in NY and for career purposes I need to relocate to Mexico City for 2 years, starting this coming August. I had been assuming I would just bring Sam with me, but now that I'm looking...
  3. K

    Two sweet pittie puppies now living their lives on chains...PLEASE HELP ME!

    (Please read to the end..sorry for the length of it!) Hi there everyone. I'm brand new to this forum. In desperate need of somehow getting connected with rescue people within my area that can in someway help. I'm a college student who works part time in retail and lives with my parents and have...
  4. Lizzie Masako

    Hi there, from Houston, TX

    Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum. I have 2 dogs. Neffie is a pure breed Pit bull that is 15 years old, and Red is a Pit Bull mix that is 2 years old. Neffie was purchased from a breeder, and Red we rescued from the side of a freeway off ramp. I look forward to chatting with other dog...
  5. S

    Let Othello Be the Main Character in Your Life

    Othello is half Pit Bull, one-quarter Rottweiler and one-quarter Labrador – which makes him a very loving, smart and loyal dog. He’s still pretty young. His foster mom estimates him to be between 1-2 years old. Othello is a quick learner and has turned into a very obedient dog. His...
  6. P

    My Pitbull Terrier

    Here is a random pic of my pitbull Fritz he is two and a half now. He is a red brindle.