1. Yorkie Mom

    Hello from the West Coast of Canada

    What a great Forum. I could easily be here all night. Members pictures are awesome too! A great bunch I have noticed. Happy to have stumbled upon Chazhound!
  2. dignity

    Pics of my dogs

    Since I don't post here all that much, I thought I'd let you guys see some pics of my dogs to at least get to know us this way: Nessie is my Newfoundland (yup, she's named after Loch Ness Monster) Loki is my Great Pyrenees (Pyrenean Mt Dog for you European types) Nessie is just over a...
  3. J

    A picture websit

    I've found another site for pictures of cute puppies I'm sure you guys have seen some of them before, but a lot of them are new to me :)
  4. C

    Interested in Combining Pets in Portraits

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to have more samples on my website of portraits that include separate species of animals in the same portrait -- Like a cat and a dog, or a dog and a horse, or a dog and a guinea pig.. whatever the combo. If anyone is interested, I'll do the portrait for the same...
  5. C

    Custom Charcoal Pet Portraits

    Hi Everyone! I'm an artist who specializes in charcoal pet portraits, and I've recently completed a website that has samples and information. You can visit if you'd like to see my work. Have a great day! Celeste
  6. SalemWitchChild

    Kota Pics + My cats

    Kota is 5 yrs old now. Time sure does fly! Which is why I love to take pictures. Never want to miss any stages of their life. The basset is my mothers newest dog Sophie. Someone was giving her away in the Walmart parking lot. Sophie was 12 weeks old and they were complaining she was...
  7. noludoru

    FOHA Dogs (pics, of course!)

    Um.. someone? Cristy, maybe you remember her name. Tami Joplin (?) He is a BIG, HANDSOME fella.... oddly enough, with a docked tail. Breed guesses?
  8. noludoru

    FOHA Kitties! **LOTS of Pics**

    Angela, the little She-Devil, in a rare moment of quiet and inactivity. Buddha making faces at me.. "CAMERA? WTF? Get that out of my face and pet me already!" (I had to obey.. hehe) Charles looking.. uhmmmm.. well, see for yourself, LOL! His expression cracks me up. Cleo relaxing