1. B

    Boston Terrier Website

    This is my website which is entirely dedicated to the Boston Terrier Dogs. Photos, videos, informations, articles, forum and more! You can post your own photos, videos and articles of Boston Terriers!
  2. L

    Watch Adorable Live Puppy Cams and more! (iPuppyCam | Puppy Cams, Breed Info and a Community for Dog Lovers!) is a website dedicated to everything puppy and features user-submitted live streams and photos of dogs, funny animal videos, resources for potential dog-owners, a breeder directory and social community. We...
  3. S

    Photo Sharing for your Pets

    Has anyone created a Shutterfly Share site for their dog? The site allows you to upload pictures, and to write journal entries about your pictures and events. It's pretty cool since each share site is designed to be dedicated to a special event..for example "your pup's first year". I'm using...
  4. K

    puppy vs. adult dog "now and then" photo collection

    Hi, I thought it might be a good idea to make a collection of puppy vs. adult dog photos. Check: "now an then" photos comparing puppies to adult dogs If you would like to join, feel free to upload your pictures at Thank you :)
  5. SharkBait

    A Muppet, A Staff & A Mystery

    So, Matisse, Molly & Harvey all decided to romp through the dirty fields today… With us offcourse. Harvey is Matisse’s ‘cousin’ & BFF for those who do not know, and all they do is wrestle… very roughly… infact it’s a wee bit nerve wracking whenever all you hear is bodies bashing...
  6. SharkBait

    Matisse & Ze Schnauzers... *Pics*

    Today Matisse got to hang out with his miniature friends… Walkies… [18 pics] Meet Rosie (L) & Jake (R) And offcourse Matisse… Can we go now? Rosie has to stop and smell ze flowers… (She’s trying to beat the image of schnauzers being characterized as ‘wee...