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    Cutest Pet Contest, winner gets 1,000 credits + $1,000 donated to animal rescue. Cutest Pet Contest! Prize Details Upload a photo of your pet for a chance to win cutest pet, then get your friends and relatives to vote for your pet! You can do this! The winner gets 1000 credits for shopping on Credits can be used on items like...
  2. My speical gift#1

    My speical gift#1

    My friends are raving about this photo. My enlargement of lovely pet picture looks much more special.
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    Pet Photo Contest - All Dogs Invited!

    This April, we are holding a "Cutest Pet" Photo Contest, all dogs are invited! Welcome to LuvMyPetPhoto Ask your friends to cheer your beloved pup on! Entrants as well as Voters have a chance to win cash prizes, including gift certificates to PETCO! Good luck and have fun.... :)
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    Pet Photo Contest for April

    Hi everyone, is holding the "cutest pet" photo contest for APRIL - enter or simply vote for a chance to win a $100 PETCO gift certificate.... The more people enter in the future, we will consider upping the prize. In the meantime, happy posting!!! Enter at LuvMyPetPhoto
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    Pet Photo Contest

    Hi Everyone, Wanted to let you know about a pet photo contest. Submit your pet's photo. Go to Pet Vaccinations: Dog Vaccines, Cat Vaccines at Luv My Pet - Petco then scroll to middle of page in the Photo Contest section and "Click Here" to submit. WINNER gets $100 gift certificate to PETCO...
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    Dog Photo Contest

    Happy National Pet Appreciation Week! In Honor of National Pet Appreciation Week, Green Mountain Pet Professionals is having a Dog Photo Contest! The top 20 dog photos I have taken to date are posted at the webpage below. Please be sure to vote for your favorite photo. You can vote for as...