1. M

    Problem With Dog Walker

    This issue is not actually with our regular-dog walker, but the dog-walker's boss who walked our dog today. We own a 6 1/2 month old pug named Bunk. He is crazy and weird and we love him to death. :mrgreen: Today, I received a text from our dog-walker's boss (he owns the dog-walking...
  2. K

    Wow !!!!!! My ugly experience!!!!

    Hello Dog forum community, my name is kenbig, i am here with great joy to thread with fellow dog owners who are ready to shear similar opinion on the problems we are facing with our lovely dogs and the possible answers to the nearly frustrating questions concerning our dogs behavior and...
  3. Kiwii

    Uncontrollable shaking/peeing after neuter?

    Hello members of Chaz, A few days ago (12/27/09) I took my 3 and 1 year old Sheltie (Tiger and MingMing) to get neutered at the ASPCA Mobile Clinic. The mobile clinic is for low income residents of New York City. The weather hasn't been so good and it was terribly cold that morning at 6am. We...