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  1. Spot-On Grooming

    Hello from Boise everybody!

    Hi everybody, I'm Shaun. My wife Rachel and I run a home groom shop in Boise. My wife started grooming professionally in '98, and I got into it in 2004. She grooms full time, and I've been cutting down to part time on that part of the business because of increasingly severe cat and dog...
  2. H


    Hello, New to the forum so I thought i'd drop a line in the new members section. My name is Alan and I'm the proud owner of a wonderful Sheltie/Springer mix named Loki. I've always had dogs all my life and has even dedicated a website for dog clothing and supplies questions for newbies...
  3. A

    New Here

    Hey guys! my name is Alex:)
  4. C


    Hello Everyone, I am the newest member here so just wanted to drop by and introduce myself.