new born

  1. S

    New Puppy Toy Poodle in Our Family...HI : )

    We just had a new member that joined our family. His name is Abu. He brings the SUNSHINE to us, and I thought we can share it to everyone and make your day a little brighter. Come visit him at for your daily dose of sunshine :popcorn: He's a teacup poodle...
  2. Kiwii

    Dew Claw Questions/Removal - New Born Shelties Questions

    Hey there Chazhound! It's almost Christmas and guess what my dog, Bobo has blessed me with! Tiger and Bobo's FIRST LITTER OF PUPPIES!!! (Yayy, does 3 puppies count for a litter? Haha :D) Background info: Tiger and Bobo are both pure breed Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties). We are not breeding...