1. E

    How to get dog to respond to vocal cues

    Hi! I have a belgian malinois, she is very smart (no surprise) and picks things up super fast. She has a very busy and distractible mind, so I am working on teaching her tricks to help keep her attention when she she is losing focus between sessions at agility, fly ball, rally, etc. Plus tricks...
  2. Emily

    Malinois foster - can you guys help?

    Hey guys... so, you all know Aleron's rescue Mal Roust? He was from a litter of 8, and one of his sisters recently ended up in the county pound. :( Luckily Aleron spotted her, and after much shuffling and pulling a few strings, managed to get her pulled from the pound today! Hooray! And... I'm...
  3. stafinois

    Free Malinois to a Good Home

    Or to any home, good or bad. Located in Iowa. Really likes Papa Murphy's Cinnamon Bread. I am kidding, of course. Sort of...
  4. Cartouche in training Bangkok

    Cartouche in training Bangkok

    Cartouche is a malinois that is trained IPO3. He is very Big malinois.