1. Spot-On Grooming

    Hello from Boise everybody!

    Hi everybody, I'm Shaun. My wife Rachel and I run a home groom shop in Boise. My wife started grooming professionally in '98, and I got into it in 2004. She grooms full time, and I've been cutting down to part time on that part of the business because of increasingly severe cat and dog...
  2. TruckersMom

    Hi Ya'll from the Newbies

    Hi Ya'll I just wanted to introduce myself and my recently adopted 2 year old Redbone Coonhound, Trucker. Trucker is a rescue that was found in the woods of North Carolina and has a lot of baggage to go with his past. He is afraid (petrified in a catatonic state) of "strange" anything so...
  3. C


    Hello Everyone, I am the newest member here so just wanted to drop by and introduce myself.
  4. toxic


    Hey guys! I'm Tox! I signed up on here two years ago but never got active since I post on the Craigslist Pet Forum mainly. I noticed I first came here when my male dog was 10 months old and I wasn't even sure what breed he was - I was trying to get opinions from the internet... Well, he's...
  5. A

    Hello! :D

    Hello! I happened to stumble across this forum and decided to join. I'm going to be getting a new dog sometime between now and mid summer. I'm going to give myself a lot of time and not just jump into things because I want a dog that's good for me because it's going to be a lifetime commitment...
  6. arklady

    Just joined

    Hi all, I am new on the forums. Usually lurk about but hope to contribute. I am the auntie to a bunch of critters--after my pet loss I haven't been ready to get another animal yet.