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  1. Anubis_Shadow

    Feeling guilty and finding it hard to cope - advice??

    Hi all, Recently I brought home a new puppy (9 week old Cocker Spaniel) and initially I thought everything was going okay - she had a long journey home (breeder was 2 and a half hours away) but she was very good, no pining and she used her puppy pad to go to the toilet in the car (she hasn’t...
  2. M

    What's the breed of my dog?

    I bought this pup for my wife from a local dog and cat rescue and they told me he was a Shiba Inu Chihuahua mix but I looked up pictures of that breed and they are too small and don't look the same. They also told me he is around 2 years old, so he is fully grown and is the perfect size. From...
  3. S

    What kind of doggy playmate is best for my dog?

    I have a scottiepoo. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a Scottish terrier/poodle mix. He is absolutely a huge furry ball of hyper ness and very playful. His name is Gunner and he weighs about 35/40 pounds and is a little over a year old. He is an outside dog and currently is in...
  4. H

    Puppy longer housebroken?

    I'm really hoping this is the right spot - I just made this account to see if I could get some advice. If it's not correct please tell me where I can post this. My 6 mo. Jack Russell Terrier has been potty trained for the last few months since we brought her home. We have a doggy door for her...
  5. C

    Need some help!!!

    Hey Guys, My boyfriend and I recently got our puppy Ninja on Craigslist from a really sweet woman who I guess couldn't take care of her due to family circumstances. Ninja is such a sweet puppy, a total love bug, not really aggressive at all, but oh man, is she stubborn. She's between 5-6...