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    My dog doesn't eat the food given.

    So around last year, I got a dog outside of Walmart. They told me he was a German shepherd lab mix. He ate normally and was overall just a puppy. He's almost a year old now and lately, he's stopped eating his food as much and started digging through the trash and eating off tables. I get he's...
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    Dog loss of balance

    Before I begin, Pearl (the dog in question) lives at my grandpa's. I hardly ever get to see her, so I have no idea if the episodes I'm about to describe have happened since. My grandpa is very old fashioned and would not tell me if they did. I usually have to force him and guilt him into taking...
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    Dangers of Ordering Pet Meds Online

    I recently called our vet to have them verify to 1-800-petmeds that our dog was up to date on his examinations in order to purchase heartworm and frontline medications from We were told by our veterinarian that they no longer verify that information for online pet medication...
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    Grooming injury question

    I took my dog to the groomer yesterday, and when I picked him up, I was told that he was uncomfortable having his ears trimmed and he struggled during the grooming session, leaving him injured. He came home with a huge red abrasion under his chin which I assume came from the grooming noose. 24...