1. F

    Can dogs who do shutzhund sport also be emotional support/service dogs?

    I know that service animals can not be trained in protection work. But shutzhund/ IPO is a sport where the dog is trained to bite only a sleeve. Its like a game for the dogs. Also they must have good obedience training. Do you know of any support dogs who also do the shutzhund sport or if its...
  2. G

    Looking more like an adult now.

    It's been a bit since I updated, but Bijuu's doing well. We've started practicing stacking and while we're not there yet I think we're progressing nicely. As of today at 10 months old my little butt head it 26 in at the shoulder and 75lbs. Critique and suggestions are welcome since I'm hoping to...
  3. corgi_love

    Senior GSD in Southern California - Help, please!!

    Hello, I used to be a semi-frequent poster here a few years ago. My boyfriend's (families) dog, Missy, is in need of rehoming- urgently. She has a bad home situation and everyone's hands are tied. My boyfriend's father says she needs to be out otherwise he is going to drop her off somewhere(??)...
  4. E

    Absolutlely Handsome GSD Surrendered due to divorce

    It's Raining Cats & Dogs In West Virginia: 10/27/09 German Shepherd Surrendered to Shelter Due To Divorce. He Also Needs Medical Treatment. Bummer for Jacky Unless We Decide to Love & Help HIM
  5. Missy


    my beloved GSD... a petfinder-pound dog :D She loved to romp and play in the snow on the first snowfall of the year
  6. lady


    my brothers new GSD that is a petfinder-pound dog :) This is how she lays when she's pouting. This particular picture is after we told her "No, Lady, you are NOT going for a 4th walk!" lol