1. multipet

    MultiPet - Pet Toys and Grooming

    For more than 20 years, MultiPet has been providing quality pet products that are paired with unique designs and durable materials that are made to last! Since our establishment in 1995, we have been recognized as the leading supplier of pet products within the pet industry. Whether you are in...
  2. T

    Electric Razor Shih Tzu

    I am having some issues trimming the hair on my Shih Tzu. Everywhere I look and read, all the groomers say to trim with the grain of the hair, however, this is proving impossible, for some reason. I'm using a #1 guard with a 30 blade and I can't hardly seem to get any hair to come off, unless I...
  3. Spot-On Grooming

    Hello from Boise everybody!

    Hi everybody, I'm Shaun. My wife Rachel and I run a home groom shop in Boise. My wife started grooming professionally in '98, and I got into it in 2004. She grooms full time, and I've been cutting down to part time on that part of the business because of increasingly severe cat and dog...
  4. AlterJ

    How can i thin out a yorkies hair?

    Hello! I have two biewer yorkies. I shave their backs and bellies and leave their legs longer. I'd like to thin their leg hair out to help prevent matting and make them look better. What would be the best way to do that? I have thinning shears, but was wondering how to use them right and if...
  5. E


    I have been researching dog shampoos and I came across this: Wahl showman oatmeal Judging by the ingredients they listed on a website it seems like a good bet but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this shampoo before or has any recommendations. Btw the breed I'm opting to...
  6. D

    Dogma Dog Care

    Do you live in the north Metro-Atlanta area? Come check out Dogma Dog Care, Metro-Atlanta's largest open board facility. Need a place for your dog to come play for a little bit while you are at work or running errands. Dogma has 2 inside yards and 2 outside yards for your dog to have the time of...
  7. H


    I own a dog grooming company in Houston Texas and just found this forum. There is a lot of great info here! I am trying to get more ideas for my site www.doggroominginhouston and figured this would be a great place to ask for opinions :D
  8. Emily

    Your favorite shampoo and conditioner

    I'm showing Keeva UKC in a few weeks. Do you guys (especially those that show) have a favorite shampoo and (rinse out) conditioner? Nothing leave-in as that's against the rules in UKC. I'd especially like something that will brighten her red and whites, so a good color enhancing shampoo would be...
  9. T

    Dog Grooming Muzzles?

    Is there any type of dog muzzle out there that is made specifically for groomers so they can muzzle the dog but still be able to groom the dog's face/snout? It seems all of the muzzles out there are either cages, or nylon muzzles which cover the whole snout. The reason I ask is because I...
  10. helen-rose

    How to avoid clipper lines?

    Hi all, does anyone have any advice on how to avoid getting clipper lines in the coat when clippering very short? i always seem to have problems with this..I am using a professional clipper (Andis 2 speed) .:confused:
  11. helen-rose

    Really upset!bad grooming experience with aggressive dog has knocked my confidence :(

    Hi all I am a new groomer and i just had the worst evening trying to groom a border collie male he was a rescue dog and i said i would groom him as a favor to my sisters friend, when i went to pick him up he growled at me at the door, then he seemed ok and well behaved on the journey, but when...
  12. helen-rose

    Bad experience with agressive dog has put me off grooming :(

    aggressive dogs? have any of you had bad experiences with aggressive dogs? what did u do?
  13. D'tailsDogGrooming

    One Freshly Groomed Zeke

    Another thread about freshly groomed pets made me want to post this. Here's Zeke after his haircut this evening, completely hand scissored. I'm trying to grow him out for some really fun trims. <table style="width:auto;"><tr><td><a...
  14. helen-rose

    Which are the best clippers and blades?

    Hi all I am a new groomer looking to purchase my first set of clippers and blades: 1) which do you think is the best brand of clipper? 2) if i buy a two-speed so that I can groom heavy coats can this also be used on dogs with lighter coats as well? 3) how many blades do you think I would...
  15. helen-rose

    How to set up salon in garage?

    Hi there, I am a newly qualified groomer and I am going to set up a business from home in my garage. does anyone have any tips on how to get the bath with hot running water and drainage set up? Has anyone done this before? :confused: thanks for any help you can provide, would really...
  16. B

    Royal Treatment?

    Lucas just got a birthday present from his "grandparents." It's shampoos from Royal Treatment. Says it's made in Italy and has all fancy ingredients. Looks better than the stuff I use on myself. Does anyone know this stuff? Their site is fancy, too, but I want the facts before I put it...
  17. Look ma - no eyes!

    Look ma - no eyes!

    Seriously, where are your eyes???
  18. C

    Handmade Dog Treats

    Handmade dog treats at** Our products are made in small batches and approved by Casey “The Yellow Lab†Jones, our own quality control enforcement agent. If Casey doesn’t like it then we don’t sell it. Our Dog Treats are made with wholesome ingredients; no...
  19. B

    Grooming injury question

    I took my dog to the groomer yesterday, and when I picked him up, I was told that he was uncomfortable having his ears trimmed and he struggled during the grooming session, leaving him injured. He came home with a huge red abrasion under his chin which I assume came from the grooming noose. 24...