1. S

    10 week hyper puppy - tips on behavior and training

    Hello, This is my first time ever posting on a forum but I figured who better to help than people with love for their fur babies and experience with them. So........... 2 weeks back we got Romeo (our now 10 week mini golden doodle - half retriever half mini poodle). We watched a lot of...
  2. Sojourn

    My Goldendoodle Apollo

    Pics of my 9mos old Standard Goldendoodle, Apollo. He's already bigger than my 5 year old son by a long shot but such a sweetie :) I only recently joined this forum and don't have much time to post but everyone had such cute pics up I felt like a terrible mama! Thank goodness the sticky on...
  3. Apollo at 3 months

    Apollo at 3 months

    Apollo and my five year old the day we brought Apollo home. When we looked at this pic recently, my husband and I nearly fell over when we realized how much he's grown!
  4. Apollo by the pool

    Apollo by the pool

    Just hanging by the pool.
  5. Look ma - no eyes!

    Look ma - no eyes!

    Seriously, where are your eyes???
  6. Sojourn

    Goldendoodle Mom

    Hi to all - I have been looking for some info to help me with our 8 month old Goldendoodle and found this forum. Have found some interesting and useful info already. Any other Goldendoodle owners out there? I believe this is by far the smartest, sweetest dog we've ever owned!