german shepherd

  1. Tonny

    Elevated bed for big dogs. Yes or now?

    Hi,all! I was choosing the dog bed and found this elevated bed. There is the German shepherd on it on the picture. Who knows, can such a bed stand the weight of such a big dog?
  2. J

    Chasing chickens

    My client has a farm with chickens. She would like her dog to get along with chickens. He chases them. I made some suggestions but still looking for more. The is a German shepherd. Some suggestion would be helpful. Thank you
  3. G

    More Bijuu Photos

    He's really putting on the weight and yet is very lean. He's gonna be built like a tank. I'm really having a blast with him. I'm glad my landlord's dog has taken a liking to him, she helps me wear him out.
  4. corgi_love

    Senior GSD in Southern California - Help, please!!

    Hello, I used to be a semi-frequent poster here a few years ago. My boyfriend's (families) dog, Missy, is in need of rehoming- urgently. She has a bad home situation and everyone's hands are tied. My boyfriend's father says she needs to be out otherwise he is going to drop her off somewhere(??)...
  5. Willow0709

    My Fathers New Puppy

    My father has been searching for another dog for a while now . We picked up this little sweetheart today . My dad hasn't met her yet but is super excited . He says she looks like she stuck her face in a paint bucket . She's predominantly German Shepherd but can you guess what she is mixed...