1. D

    Funny Cats clips 2017

    Watch funny cat video 2017 Thanks
  2. L

    the belly dancer cat video

    have you ever seen a belly dancer cat watch this talented cute belly dancing cats very silly and funny belly dance cats video ever you won't stop laughing :D enjoy it :)
  3. PetLover89

    Funny dogs in bath time

    V4LnorVVxfw Enjoy funny moment with beloved dogs :rofl1:
  4. MiamiMax


  5. MiamiMax

    BULL TERRIER Max is too funny!

    check him out below and let me know what you guys think. thanks!
  6. MiamiMax

    Max on YouTube

    check it out YouTube - cmk021088's Channel
  7. B

    Very Funny Dog Training Video-Bo's Way

    Unarchived footage of Bo's canine good citizen test. Watch as he makes his mother proud. YouTube - Funny Dog Training - Bo's WayYouTube - Funny Dog Training - Bo's Way
  8. J

    'Twas the (doggies') night before Christmas

    Hi all. I wrote this for my niece who lives up in New York (I am in Florida), and she loved it... hope you all enjoy it too! ‘Twas the (doggie’s) Night Before Christmas ‘Twas the night before Christmas, we were all quite chilly, Mom, Buck and Penny, even plush coated Millie...
  9. B

    The dog lover's theory of evolution...

    I'm the co-founder of a new site called, which means when my cartoonist friend Jim George had the idea for a site featuring dog cartoons that seem to draw themselves, he convinced me to help him. Each cartoon at is supposed to be inspired by a real dog, but when...
  10. D

    Custom Caricatures of Your Pet!

    Hello All, A friend of mine just introduced me to this Forum. So glad to know you are out there. My name is Dina. People call me Doggie Doodle Dina. I paint Custom Pet Caricatures from a photo. They are called Doggie Doodles. My art captures the spirit and personality of your pet. I...
  11. B

    It's been a while...but....very exciting news!

    Hi Everyone, It's been a while since I've been around but with good reason. I used to post funny dog news and back in Nov. '07 I posted about Bo's rescue story....Mom Gets Mad At Dad and Rescue Dog Goes Home. At the time we were working on getting Bo's (woof!)memoir finally...
  12. B

    new comedy dog show

    Don't know if this is really "dog news," but looking at these topics, seems this category could use a little sunshine. There's a new web show that makes fun of reality romance shows like The Bachelor. It's all dog characters (yeah real dogs) and they talk. One of the dogs is a millionaire...
  13. marley

    Colorful Dog Breed Posters for the Holidays!

    Excuse me for posting this in different areas as I have forgotton how to use this forum! Hi all, it's been a while since I posted. Here is a link to my store where you can purchase 56 dog breeds all in cowboy Hats and Bandannas! FREE Personalization too! I live in Arizona and love the Western...
  14. A

    Smartest Dog Ever!

    I really like funny pet videos and found this one. This dog is incredible!!! Anyone else have a good one? Check this out :)
  15. S

    Tender loving

    Is it possible to show too much love for your dog? Will it affect their behaviour in the long run? I have a little Chihuahua and being so small, it is easy to carry him around and baby him. I want him to get some independence but he is not even a year old and just so darn cute. People are...
  16. D

    Doc and Wyatts Virtual Travels across US!

    Come visit their blog as they travel virtually across the United States to help raise funds for pet rescue. Last year was a huge success so they are at it again! You can also sponsor them and have chances to win great art - 100% donated to rescue. No need to donate to watch them travel but...
  17. dressed in the dark

    dressed in the dark

    milu got dressed in the dark that day
  18. We've got funny lookin bed bugs!

    We've got funny lookin bed bugs!