1. AllieMackie

    Ferret Rescue AGM + Ferret Playday. I.E. Ferret photos galore!

    No pics of Jess' crew or mine, but a bunch of foster ferrets from the rescue and a few personal ferts. We had the big playpen set up at our annual general meeting in the country, complete with a logpile playground and dry brush for comfy bedding. They loved it. Clyde (I think) gets fitted for...
  2. AllieMackie

    The ferret trio comes to work.

    Sundays are quiet at work, and I asked the boss what she thought of me bringing the ferrets in for a shift - she said "do it!" So I did! They mostly hung out in their travel cage and out on the front table, and they each did a harnessed tour of the shop at some point. Porom helps me with...
  3. AllieMackie

    More of the six.

    My perspective of the pics Jess posted a few days back. Tangle of leashes, but all six in one photo. Barrett and Freya. Porom. What most photos of Porom in sunlight turn out like. The only pic of Rascal I got. Exploring, etc Harley demonstrates How Not To Be Seen...
  4. AllieMackie

    The trio again!

    We've been outside a LOT lately. My three ferrets love the warmth of spring. First Barrett, who is slightly less shorthaired than before. You can no sees me. He's a bit of a wuss about being outside lately. Dunno why, maybe he misses the snow, haha. He kept climbing into my lap and...
  5. AllieMackie

    The ferret trio.

    We went outside today before it got super cold and rainy and gross. They were overdue for not-indoor photos, especially Porom because of how fabulous she;s looking. Mind my patchy lawn. I'm really excited to get to re-seeding next week! First, Barrett, who only has two photos because for...
  6. AllieMackie

    FerretFest - Allie's Photos

    FerretFest was yesterday! Lots of fun, lots of ferrets. Money was made for the rescue, and I made a couple of business contacts, including a small Montreal-based pet product company who wants to do some work with me for cross-promotion. Woo! Jess' photos are in FH, I took photos when I wasn't...
  7. AllieMackie


    It was nice and warm this morning with the sun out, so I took the ferts outside for a few photos. They love the snow, providing it's warmer than 0C! Freya says "whee!" She borrowed Porom's jacket. I do need to get her one of her own, I'm just torn on pattern ideas! Burrowburrow...
  8. AllieMackie

    Fall Fotos Featuring Ferrets

    Here's the ferret edition of my Finnegan post. :P Moments after this, Barrett sprayed the pumpkins. He must hate that costume, hahaha. I put Barrett on the pumpkins, and he fell over. His expression, haha. Nom. Handsome man. Porom in her dress-harness. I was bribing...
  9. AllieMackie

    Freya's Wubba, and other ferret pics.

    Freya haz a Wubba. It's actually the cat's Wubba, but Freya has a luv for it. Iz mine, You can no has. Porom says similar to Barrett. Oh yeah, she's not a troublemaker at all. Wut. (Barrett's nails are GROSS. We did nail trims on everyone later that night when I finally...
  10. J

    Barrett Video!

    Ok so this is from like, last week, but still :p YouTube - Barrett and Porom playing
  11. J

    bath time photos

    Renegade pre-bath Rascal and Renegade in the tub Rogue just stayed still and glared at me the whole time Ren trying to jump out Rogue avoiding the camera Rascal Ren pretty much how Rogue stayed the entire time Ren all wet just out of the tub Ren's...
  12. J

    Ferret Birthday Party - part 2!

    More videos and pictures from the party today! The cake Rogue's idea of a party Rascal wearing his party hat Rogue wearing his crown Rennie exploring the top of the furniture Allie and her girl Rogue was still carpetsharked Porom and Rennie thought Matt was...
  13. AllieMackie

    Pics and VIDEOS of ferts!

    Wooo! I'm not gonna caption these. Just a bunch of pics of the foursome and the cat playing, as always! I'll link the YouTube videos at the end. -MORE-
  14. AllieMackie

    The fab four... again. :) (PINK ferret enclosed)

    Yup... we dyed Rogue. We actually dyed Porom first... but we tried Grape Koolaid. Ugh, don't even bother. It's sort of a greyish, so I assume that had to do with it. I'll try again later this week. NONE of it took, but at least she smells like grape! Rogue, we were GOING to do blue...
  15. AllieMackie

    The fert quartet, again (one million photos)

    Jess brought over the trio. The usual story. Rogue and Renegade Porom expresses her distaste with the snow. Rogue is in distaste about the snow, as well. Renegade is a stepping stone for Rascal. Quick! Huddle for warmth! I caught Rogue shaking. The boys being...
  16. AllieMackie

    Porom and Rascal - Rascal's new sweater!

    So I knit Rascal one of my ferret sweaters, since he's sick and dropping in weight a little - and really, I've wanted to make him one for awhile, this was a good excuse. We took the pair outside for a bit to get some pics of it, and of them together. The new sweater. I knit it out of some...
  17. AllieMackie

    Ferret playtime!

    So Jess brought over her trio this weekend so Porom wouldn't be alone for too long all sudden-like. It was a lot of fun and they played a lot. :) Rogue seems to have developed quite a crush on Porom. He followed her everywhere and played lots with her. <3 Also, FoxyWench, we dyed Porom pink...
  18. AllieMackie

    Vibes for the ferts

    Seems that JessLough and I might have a few issues on our hands. :( I'll let Jess speak for herself, but she's discovered some potentially serious health things with Rogue. The vet will know more. Palom... Jess and I discerned that he has a hairball issue. This is partially my fault for...
  19. AllieMackie

    The terrible trio become the fab five! (Ferrets)

    So, Jess brought her new two ferrets (and our Rascal, of course! <3) to my place today. They are ADORABLE and HUGE. My two look tiny in comparison. Anyway, took a ton of pics, here they are, etc. Huddling for warmth! The boys are wusses. Porom iz not amused. Rogue, one of Jess'...
  20. AllieMackie

    More of ferts in snow - JESS, look!

    Jess got Porom a new pink jacket. So these pics are for her. :P She's so pretty <3 I need to trim down that strap a bit. Palom was disgruntled. And he preferred sleeping in the crook of my arm. That's all! Thank you Jess <3 She's adorable in it, I can't wait to show her...