ella's lead

  1. kady05

    Wilson & Piper testing out the new Ella's Lead vegan collar!

    So Wilson & Piper were chosen to be collar testers for Ella's Lead! Yay This is a new material that is NOT leather, but is really looks/feels like leather. It's REALLY nice. Rebecca wants to make sure they're durable and whatnot, so today was "strength" testing. We're going to try it in the...
  2. AllieMackie

    Finn's new Ella's Lead!

    I use Finn's Marri's lead for eeeeeverything we do, including our runs. I've noticed that when we get to busier sidewalks and roads, it'd be handy to have a traffic handle so I'm not fumbling for his leash while running to keep him out of the way of others. He keeps to my right pretty well, but...