1. K

    CNBC American Originals: Westminster Dog Show

    CNBC will be premiering “American Originals: Westminster Dog Show†on February 5th at 9p ET/ 10p PT. There’s more to this event then tricks and puppy love. Take a behind the scenes look at the inner workings of the prestigious show and the $43 billion pet industry that helps fuel its...
  2. C

    The Dog Bonery's Dog of the Month Contest for February

    Visit the Dog Bonery and upload a picture of your Dog and a short DOG-graphy. A winner is chosen each month and the chosen Dog receives a Pound of The Dog Bonery's All Natural Dog Treats. Check out January's Dog of The Month.
  3. N

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi Everyone!, My wife and I recently started out new business, it called Tails Me About It. we design and create Elegant handmade dog collars. if interested please come visit our site thanks and enjoy. D & V
  4. bubbatd

    Love Boston Terriers

    Obviously you love to sell them too .
  5. Kayota

    My Boston Terrier Pics


    Breeder of Smooth Fox Terrier. Welcome to visit our website for more photos and informations about this lovely breed.
  7. noludoru

    FOHA Dogs (pics, of course!)

    Um.. someone? Cristy, maybe you remember her name. Tami Joplin (?) He is a BIG, HANDSOME fella.... oddly enough, with a docked tail. Breed guesses?
  8. B

    Those of you who put clothes on your dogs...

    Why? Who is your favorite designer? How does your dog feel about his / herself being dressed up? I started putting clothes on Ted because well... he was nekkid. A Chinese Crested, and his skin was already not well cared for, his previous owners sucked. He always got super excited when he saw...
  9. B

    Someone help...

    How do you get peanut butter out of the carpet??? I gave Adam his pill in peanut butter today and told him to just swallow... instead he smeared it all over the walls, the carpets... and the dogs, who were thrilled. -_- My parents are at my sister's house for the week and I'm here with the...
  10. T

    Basic Dog Training Commands

    Successfully house training puppies is always a task that requires a lot of patience and understanding, but the rewards are many, and your pup will surely appreciate your efforts. Dogs are highly attuned to their owner's feelings, facial expressions, gestures, and tone of voice. For this reason...
  11. B

    What Dog Books Do You Have?

    Aaron was making fun of me earlier for the amount of dog books I have (they're all organized by subject in my book cases) and I got to thinking... I do have a lot. lol Here's a list: The Dog Body Danguage Phrasebook - 100 Ways To Read Their Signals by Trevor Warner Giant Book of the Dog -...