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    Canine Lymphoma - Saving Cody

    Hi, My name is Michelle and my five year old Labrador Cody, has Canine Lymphoma. I found out on my birthday in September and since then I have scoured the internet, made phone calls, researched and am now treating him with Chemotherapy and a strict diet and vitamin regiment. And he is doing...
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    Very Funny Dog Training Video-Bo's Way

    Unarchived footage of Bo's canine good citizen test. Watch as he makes his mother proud. YouTube - Funny Dog Training - Bo's WayYouTube - Funny Dog Training - Bo's Way
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    Dog Offers To Help Clean Up Oil Spill

    Since BP and the gov't are incapable of doing anything right... Bo Hoefinger, the dog best known as the author of Bad To The Bone: Memoir of a Rebel Doggie Blogger, has offered his services to clean up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. As has been clearly documented, dog hair soaks up...
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    Pet Adoptathon 2010....My Happy Tail!

    On May 1st & 2nd the 2010 Pet Adoptathon will take place at shelters around the world. I'm sharing my adoption story in hopes it will inspire others to go out and adopt their new best friend. It can make a bigger difference in your life than you would ever expect. Read on... Of All The Gin...
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    Doggie Author Bo Hoefinger Answers the Dames' Dozen

    Interview by Christy French, one of the Dames'. I’d like to preface this by stating, as a dog lover, I truly appreciate what Bo is doing with his enjoyable and fun-to-read book. It’s dedicated to shelter workers, rescue groups, and animal welfare proponents, and 10% of the proceeds are...
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    Iditarod Madness, Doggie Style

    March Madness has begun. I’m not talking about college basketball; I’m a dog after all. No, it’s the first weekend in March and that means only one thing to all pups across the world. It’s time to put the stuffed toys and tuggie ropes away and focus on the Iditarod dog sled race...
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    Maxi Pad Saves Dog's Life

    Atlanta, GA-02/08/10 – Feminine hygiene products just aren’t for women anymore, a dog can benefit too. A suburban Atlanta couple learned that in case of an emergency, a maxi pad works just as well as any commercially available bandage does for a dog. Early in the day, Bo Hoefinger’s...
  8. beaded dogs

    beaded dogs

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    some Dogs training tips for doing tricks

    Teach your dog to SIT UP or beg: This is one trick you should not be teaching a dog that is younger than eight months of age. Before the age of eight months, the dog's back muscles are not fully developed and so it must not be made to sit. Teach your dog to SHAKE hands: Just hold out your...
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    Alzheimer's in Cats & Dogs - Chat this Tuesday

    We are delighted to announce that Dr. Shawn Messonnier will be a Featured Expert in The Pet Sentinel's Expert Fireside Chatâ„¢ on Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009! This is going to be a stimulating conversation, and we look forward to having you with us! Date: Tuesday, 12/22/09 Time: 1 pm PST/3...
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    It's been a while...but....very exciting news!

    Hi Everyone, It's been a while since I've been around but with good reason. I used to post funny dog news and back in Nov. '07 I posted about Bo's rescue story....Mom Gets Mad At Dad and Rescue Dog Goes Home. At the time we were working on getting Bo's (woof!)memoir finally...
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    New Here 1st post

    Hi , I just got a new puppy, any tips on potty training? :confused:
  13. deterrable

    New member !

    Hello all ! Nice forum! I have three dogs, a cat, two rabbits, and I look forward to becoming an active member too. I'll enjoy! :lol-sign:
  14. helen-rose

    Dog Nail Polish - is it different to human polish?

    Hi all I have seen nail polish for dogs on the market and I was wondering is this any different from human nail polish? what makes it suitable for dogs - is it because it is not harmful if they eat it? Also do dogs try to lick/chew it off or are they ok with it? thanks
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    Paws to Consider

    Frequent conversations with the owners of amputee dogs got me thinking about a few things: The sun is out, and you are planning to spend a few of your vacation days getting some work done in the yard. Great! Now, go get your weed killers, your pesticides and other yard chemicals… and take...
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    Alaska Dog News gets letter from White House

    It's been a busy year but we did it. From 200 copies and 200 email subscribers to 3000 copies and 1000 subscribers. Our purpose is to keep people active with their dogs, keep dogs out of the shelters and get dogs adopted. We balance breed specific events with any dog can do it events and are...
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    Great Source For Dog News

    Hi Everyone, I found an awesome newsletter that sums up the month's best dog (at cat) news as well as other fun MISC stuff. You can check it out at Pet Vaccinations: Dog Vaccines, Cat Vaccines at Luv My Pet - Petco This month's feature story was about an Australian Cattle dog that survived...
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    Pet Photo Contest - All Dogs Invited!

    This April, we are holding a "Cutest Pet" Photo Contest, all dogs are invited! Welcome to LuvMyPetPhoto Ask your friends to cheer your beloved pup on! Entrants as well as Voters have a chance to win cash prizes, including gift certificates to PETCO! Good luck and have fun.... :)
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    Pet Photo Contest for April

    Hi everyone, is holding the "cutest pet" photo contest for APRIL - enter or simply vote for a chance to win a $100 PETCO gift certificate.... The more people enter in the future, we will consider upping the prize. In the meantime, happy posting!!! Enter at LuvMyPetPhoto
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    Watch Adorable Live Puppy Cams and more! (iPuppyCam | Puppy Cams, Breed Info and a Community for Dog Lovers!) is a website dedicated to everything puppy and features user-submitted live streams and photos of dogs, funny animal videos, resources for potential dog-owners, a breeder directory and social community. We...