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  1. Cerdic Wills

    hello everyone

    I am new member here. I am a dog behaviorist at Dog Harmony provides all type of dog training.
  2. D

    Finding a good dog walker

    Hi Dog lovers, I am new to this forum. I'm interested in hiring a dog walker. I'd like to see if anyone here used any of this website for finding a dog walker and how was your experience Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. F

    Hi, great to be here!

    Hey everyone. I just found this forum and am excited to be part of the community. Here's a little info on me: I'm a dog behavior consultant and trainer in Northern NJ, am the director of my own non profit (The FernDog Rescue Foundation), author of the book A Better Life with Your Dog, and...
  4. G

    Hi Everyone... It's John Smith [Certified Dog Trainer]

    hi, My name is John Smith and i am a Certified Dog Trainer. I have been training dogs for the past 15 years. Well if you need any help from me do let me know via this forum & i will be happy to assist you. :) kindest, John
  5. vmills

    Beyond Basic Training

    I've got a 5-month old puppy who knows the basic commands (Sit, Down, Stay, and Come) via hand signals and verbally, but follows them inconsistently. In other words, if he believes there is no treat forthcoming (his nose knows), then he's not about to follow any kind of command. I'm wondering...
  6. J

    Even with Pet Care Professionals

    You need to be careful. I think it is wise to do a background check on your dog trainer, pet sittter, vet. Look at what I discovered about this so-called pet trainer Steve Leigh.