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    Electric Razor Shih Tzu

    I am having some issues trimming the hair on my Shih Tzu. Everywhere I look and read, all the groomers say to trim with the grain of the hair, however, this is proving impossible, for some reason. I'm using a #1 guard with a 30 blade and I can't hardly seem to get any hair to come off, unless I...
  2. helen-rose

    How to avoid clipper lines?

    Hi all, does anyone have any advice on how to avoid getting clipper lines in the coat when clippering very short? i always seem to have problems with this..I am using a professional clipper (Andis 2 speed) .:confused:
  3. helen-rose

    What do you think of this dryer/blaster?

    Hi everyone I'm looking to buy a combi dryer and blaster for my start up home salon - I am thinking of this one and just wondering if anyone had any views on it? Thanks! Animal Grooming Supplies UK : Technogroom : Technogroom TS2 2400W Combination Blaster Dryer [SCTS22400W] - £245.00
  4. helen-rose

    Is a height adjustable table neccessary?

    Hi, I am a newly qualified groomer looking to set up my own business but I dont have a lot of cash up front so am trying to save a bit of money on buying a grooming table... Do you think that I could attach a grooming arm to a normal sturdy table rather than a specialist grooming table?
  5. helen-rose

    Which are the best clippers and blades?

    Hi all I am a new groomer looking to purchase my first set of clippers and blades: 1) which do you think is the best brand of clipper? 2) if i buy a two-speed so that I can groom heavy coats can this also be used on dogs with lighter coats as well? 3) how many blades do you think I would...
  6. helen-rose

    Dog Nail Polish - is it different to human polish?

    Hi all I have seen nail polish for dogs on the market and I was wondering is this any different from human nail polish? what makes it suitable for dogs - is it because it is not harmful if they eat it? Also do dogs try to lick/chew it off or are they ok with it? thanks