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  1. multipet

    MultiPet - Pet Toys and Grooming

    For more than 20 years, MultiPet has been providing quality pet products that are paired with unique designs and durable materials that are made to last! Since our establishment in 1995, we have been recognized as the leading supplier of pet products within the pet industry. Whether you are in...
  2. T

    Electric Razor Shih Tzu

    I am having some issues trimming the hair on my Shih Tzu. Everywhere I look and read, all the groomers say to trim with the grain of the hair, however, this is proving impossible, for some reason. I'm using a #1 guard with a 30 blade and I can't hardly seem to get any hair to come off, unless I...
  3. helen-rose

    How to avoid clipper lines?

    Hi all, does anyone have any advice on how to avoid getting clipper lines in the coat when clippering very short? i always seem to have problems with this..I am using a professional clipper (Andis 2 speed) .:confused:
  4. helen-rose

    What do you think of this dryer/blaster?

    Hi everyone I'm looking to buy a combi dryer and blaster for my start up home salon - I am thinking of this one and just wondering if anyone had any views on it? Thanks! Animal Grooming Supplies UK : Technogroom : Technogroom TS2 2400W Combination Blaster Dryer [SCTS22400W] - £245.00
  5. helen-rose

    Is a height adjustable table neccessary?

    Hi, I am a newly qualified groomer looking to set up my own business but I dont have a lot of cash up front so am trying to save a bit of money on buying a grooming table... Do you think that I could attach a grooming arm to a normal sturdy table rather than a specialist grooming table?
  6. helen-rose

    Which are the best clippers and blades?

    Hi all I am a new groomer looking to purchase my first set of clippers and blades: 1) which do you think is the best brand of clipper? 2) if i buy a two-speed so that I can groom heavy coats can this also be used on dogs with lighter coats as well? 3) how many blades do you think I would...
  7. helen-rose

    Dog Nail Polish - is it different to human polish?

    Hi all I have seen nail polish for dogs on the market and I was wondering is this any different from human nail polish? what makes it suitable for dogs - is it because it is not harmful if they eat it? Also do dogs try to lick/chew it off or are they ok with it? thanks