dog breed

  1. K

    Help me identify my dog's breed??

    Hi, I was told she's part boarder collie by a professional, but i don't see it. Ive been asked if she's part husky, or if she's an akita. (I adopted her from a shelter so I have no idea.) What do you guys think?
  2. 4

    What is my dogs breed?

    I just adopted my boy, Ringo. The rescue said he was an Australian Shepherd mix. What do you think?
  3. M

    What's the breed of my dog?

    I bought this pup for my wife from a local dog and cat rescue and they told me he was a Shiba Inu Chihuahua mix but I looked up pictures of that breed and they are too small and don't look the same. They also told me he is around 2 years old, so he is fully grown and is the perfect size. From...
  4. P

    Cutest dog in the world -what is the breed?

    :hail::hail: I am obsessed with these dogs. Please please does anyone know the breed? Flickr: brookieped's Photostream
  5. Amanda885

    Dog Breed Guide

    Stumbled upon this on facebook from the company I have my pet insurance through..pretty neat little guide they have here! Thought it might interest some of you! :) Dog Breed Guide
  6. G

    The Dog Breed Dictionary

    I would like to introduce my new dog breed web site that is currently in the works. It is nothing special, and I have to admit I have little to offer over the 500 pound Gorilla large corporation sites out there that have similar information, but I am...