dog abuse

  1. dogtrainingpro

    introduce yourself

    hello everyone, i'm a newbie this year i'm 29 years old my job is a dog trainer and i'm also studying nutrition and diet for dogs, i've learned a lot from video books... and so far I have had a lot of experience in dog raising.....
  2. D

    Dog tied to fence then Lit on Fire

    A dog has been tied to a fence, covered in petrol and set on fire on a football field in Liverpool, England. Passers-by heard the cries of the female Staffordshire bull terrier-cross in Kirkdale, and tried to help, but the animal had to be put to sleep. The one-year-old dog had been...
  3. D

    Lethal Dog Surgeries

    The controversial practice of using live dogs for practice student surgeries and then euthanizing the canines will end beginning this fall at Michigan State University. Animal rights groups hailed MSU's decision to join most of the nation's 28 vet schools that have stopped so-called terminal...