1. j0equ1nn

    Fostering rescued pit bull with mysterious past

    Hi, I'm new here, I did read through the general stuff before posting but I am eager to ask questions in case anybody can help. I'm going to describe my situation, and if you know what you're talkin about I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance. Some folks who work next door to my...
  2. cat13

    How bad is seawater for my dog?

    Teal'c is my first dog "close to the ocean" and therefore it is the first time that I have to deal with that problem... Everytime we go the the doggy beach he drinks so much seawater that he get's a good clean out of it. The water literally comes out everywhere. He doesn't seem to mind and he...
  3. Tenebrion

    stool problems

    It's been so long. I need to get back here more often. Brute has a problem. Or so i think he does. Our vet says that it's a lactose intolerance issue. Brutus last night had firm regular dog stool. He got into some of the dinner we had which had 3 different cheeses melted in it. As...