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    how to bond with cats

    do you think you can bond with cats easily watch how to bond with a strange cat in few seconds very adorable cat people will love it :cool: also you could try it to make the bond with your own cat even stronger bonding with a cute kitten video :)...
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    Adorable doggie clothes

    Dream of Pets is a new opened online shop that sells pet clothing. Our apparel is very high quality and affordable ranging between $10 and $20. Come check us out! :) Some examples of our clothes:
  3. Designer Pup

    Designer Pup

    Alvin, a Bichon Cockapoo, demonstrates his style of licking.
  4. A

    Smartest Dog Ever!

    I really like funny pet videos and found this one. This dog is incredible!!! Anyone else have a good one? Check this out :)
  5. Aint i cute?!!!!

    Aint i cute?!!!!

    * weeks old
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    CUTEST Puppies EVER!

    Ok, there is this site called the dailypuppy... cutest puppies you have ever seen.... seriously.... :) look at this thing!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Mom Got A New Camera!!

    Mom Got A New Camera!!

    Got a new camera for Easter.. and Minnie is not very happy about it!
  8. Cooper"s First Day Home

    Cooper"s First Day Home

    This is Cooper's first day home.
  9. Difference in paw size

    Difference in paw size

    Monty, a border collie and Oliver, a 5 week old kitten.
  10. Kelly posing

    Kelly posing

    This is Kelly she is a purebred american bulldog. The photo was taken when she was 12 weeks old.
  11. Starbuck


    Starbuck is a mixed breed. Can you guess which? He is a magnificent little dog and is so loving. He is coffee colored with a little cream under his chin.
  12. rosie the cute

    rosie the cute

    the picture of my dog is very cute
  13. rosie


    the picture of my dog is very cute