cute puppy

  1. S

    New Puppy Toy Poodle in Our Family...HI : )

    We just had a new member that joined our family. His name is Abu. He brings the SUNSHINE to us, and I thought we can share it to everyone and make your day a little brighter. Come visit him at for your daily dose of sunshine :popcorn: He's a teacup poodle...
  2. B

    Pictures of Nova, A Border Collie, Aussie Shepherd, Husky Mix.

    Nova will be 10 weeks old on Thursday. The first picture was from when I first brought Nova home at 8 weeks old. And the last one was taken only a couple days ago. :)
  3. J

    A picture websit

    I've found another site for pictures of cute puppies I'm sure you guys have seen some of them before, but a lot of them are new to me :)
  4. vmills

    Alvin, the Bichon Cockapoo

    I'm sure you've seen pics of a Cockapoo, but what about a Bichon Cockapoo? Alvin is just short of 5 months old, and we bought him from a Missour breeder. Check out the pics on my blog: Designer Puppys Help Alvin win a cutest dog contest here: Yapstar, Pet Photo Contests, Pet Social...