1. AllieMackie

    AlliePets CONTEST! Free full body digital portrait!

    Doing things a little differently this time. :) I'm doing a contest on my FB fanpage. It's easy - share a photo and a story of one of your pets, and you'll be entered to win. :) If you share the page and contest info on your personal FB wall, I'll enter you a second time! Double the chance of...
  2. AllieMackie

    AlliePets CONTEST! LOLdog Finnegan and win!

    Hey folks! Sort of in the same vein as a contest Chewbecca had awhile ago, I'm offering a contest to win a FREE bust portrait from AlliePets! All you have to do is caption this photo of Finnegan to make him a LOLdog! This pic has TONS of potential for the lulz: Don't know what I'm...
  3. erinchavez

    We are Finalists...Need your Help! :)

    I made an entry for a contest and was chosen as one of the 10 finalists! If I win, I get to take my dog Scamp with me to New York (where he will be spoiled in a posh pet friendly hotel!) $5000 to keep and $5000 to donate (I want to give it to my local No Kill shelter). We also win a lifetime...
  4. erinchavez

    Hi From Fresno

    My name is Erin and I'm from Fresno. I have two dogs, Scamp and Leo. Scamp is an Australian Cattle Dog/Westie mix who is about a year old. He is a wonderful dog....super sweet. He does eat ANYTHING he can get his paws on, so he regularly helps us declutter.:p Leo is a little white dog...
  5. S

    Pet Photo Contest - All Dogs Invited!

    This April, we are holding a "Cutest Pet" Photo Contest, all dogs are invited! Welcome to LuvMyPetPhoto Ask your friends to cheer your beloved pup on! Entrants as well as Voters have a chance to win cash prizes, including gift certificates to PETCO! Good luck and have fun.... :)
  6. S

    Pet Photo Contest for April

    Hi everyone, is holding the "cutest pet" photo contest for APRIL - enter or simply vote for a chance to win a $100 PETCO gift certificate.... The more people enter in the future, we will consider upping the prize. In the meantime, happy posting!!! Enter at LuvMyPetPhoto
  7. S

    Pet Photo Contest

    Hi Everyone, Wanted to let you know about a pet photo contest. Submit your pet's photo. Go to Pet Vaccinations: Dog Vaccines, Cat Vaccines at Luv My Pet - Petco then scroll to middle of page in the Photo Contest section and "Click Here" to submit. WINNER gets $100 gift certificate to PETCO...
  8. C

    The Dog Bonery's Dog of the Month Contest for February

    Visit the Dog Bonery and upload a picture of your Dog and a short DOG-graphy. A winner is chosen each month and the chosen Dog receives a Pound of The Dog Bonery's All Natural Dog Treats. Check out January's Dog of The Month.
  9. G

    Dog Photo Contest

    Happy National Pet Appreciation Week! In Honor of National Pet Appreciation Week, Green Mountain Pet Professionals is having a Dog Photo Contest! The top 20 dog photos I have taken to date are posted at the webpage below. Please be sure to vote for your favorite photo. You can vote for as...