1. woofpolar

    Dog Costumes!

    Hey guys! I'm new to this forum and I just want to share this website since the Halloween and Christmas is just around the corner: We have plenty of cute, funny, and unique dog costumes for every doggos out there;):) This...
  2. jfn

    Nina and the Santa Claus toy!

    Hi everyone! Watch this. To get you warmed up for Christmas! Nina went crazy with the Santa Claus toy :lol-sign: hugs
  3. D

    Dog Bed Competition!

    Hi everyone *waves* Just thought I would let you guys know about a competition that is going on, really useful and just in time for Christmas! :D You could spoil a well deserving pooch with a great dog bed set worth £100! Up for grabs is: • A country dog heavy duty waterproof...
  4. J

    'Twas the (doggies') night before Christmas

    Hi all. I wrote this for my niece who lives up in New York (I am in Florida), and she loved it... hope you all enjoy it too! ‘Twas the (doggie’s) Night Before Christmas ‘Twas the night before Christmas, we were all quite chilly, Mom, Buck and Penny, even plush coated Millie...
  5. SharkBait

    Happi Crimbo Ses Matisse

    Spreading some holiday joy! (and posing pain! notice the annoyed facial expression...) {Speshlies fo Noludoru, MyHorseMyRules & ihartgonzo!} well helloes chazzers, merry christmas! frosty is scareens me...
  6. Family Christmas Photo 06

    Family Christmas Photo 06

    The dog in the center is Gizmo the father, on the left is his wife Little Mama and the big bundle of joy on the left is Patches their son